How does your modular kitchen keep you safe?

1. Safety Components: The material that your modular kitchen is made up of has everything to do with your wellness. Today a lot of kitchen manufacturers or carpenters don’t give a deep thought as to how these materials are hampering the health of humans daily.

2. Materials: The time has come that they should because after all, kitchens are to make one’s life easier but not to make it difficult. The material to look for when you are out to buy a modular kitchen or modular wardrobes is an E1 grade board. An E1 grade board is something that will keep you safe from anti-carcinogenic emissions daily. This should be a deciding factor when you’re out to buy a modular kitchen or modular wardrobes because this will help you and your family in the long run.

3. Protection: Today it is more important than ever before to take care of ourselves but also take care of the planet at the same time. If we as humans are not educated or aware of our planet then mother nature will not protect us. It is our responsibility to take care of our planet and our family’s health.

4. Sustainable: A luxury kitchen is not only about style but also about being smart and sustainable. Luxury kitchens nowadays have to be sustainable when it comes to the materials they are made up of and also need to be safe to use. Sliding Wardrobes or Walk-In Wardrobes should also be made of the same material as the kitchen which should be anti-carcinogenic and should be smart and safe to use daily.

5. Fire Retardant: Your modular kitchen and your wardrobes should be fire retardant to keep you and your family safe from a mishap. Kids nowadays are very active taking care of them can be tough around the kitchen, but your kitchen can take care of them if your modular kitchen is made up of the right materials which are sustainable and safe from every point.

6. Reducing Carbon Footprint: The Indian luxury kitchen setup should be planned in such a way that the kitchen will last longer and will also reduce the carbon footprint on this planet. Every human is responsible to reduce the carbon footprint on this planet. Every purchase in our lives should help our planet in every possible way. As the past two years of showing us our planet is in dire need to be saved and to be preserved for our future generations and it starts with every decision a human makes in his lifetime.

7. Wardrobes: Luxury fitted wardrobes also should be fire retardant and should be made up of materials that are anti-carcinogenic. Modular wardrobes should be incorporated with high load-bearing mechanisms or hardware. Imagine if your kitchens and your wardrobes don’t have high load-bearing mechanisms then your kitchen or wardrobes will give up when they will not be able to hold a lot of weight. Hence it is very important nowadays for kitchens and wardrobes to have load-bearing mechanisms.

8. Strong: A modular kitchen is mighty by the material it is made up of. A wardrobe houses your personality, so that wardrobe should be made up of materials that are totally safe for your family to use. Interwood has always focused on the foundation of the products and has never compromised on quality and safety, which is the reason when a customer buys a modular kitchen or a modular wardrobe from Interwood their modular kitchen or modular wardrobe last more than two decades.

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