Five most popular kitchen layouts that will make you love cooking

Modern lifestyles insist that the kitchen is not a place restricted only for one person to cook, but a zone for the entire family to interact and contribute. Making it a pleasurable part of the home routine necessitates that it be designed, planned and adorned in a way that it adds to the beauty of the house, and ensures that the time spent in the kitchen everyday is a pleasant experience.

Depending on the size and style of a home, and one’s own preferences, one of the following layouts may be opted for, while designing a modern modular kitchen.

1. One Wall Kitchen

A smart way to make your studio apartment look appealing and spacious is to have all your kitchen works on a single wall. The layout can hold the cabinetry and all the appliances fixed on one wall, including the sink, and cooking hob placed as per your choice, with ample space to walk in and out of the kitchen. The one-wall kitchen layout is the most efficient and space-saving design for your cozy and compact home.

2. Gallery Kitchen

The corridor or gallery style kitchen has two countertops, running parallel on the opposite walls with an airy walkway in between. This extremely functional design can be planned according to your needs with the sink and hob placed on opposite counters. One can move in and out of the kitchen from either side in this layout, for a more flexible movement in your home.

3. L-shaped Kitchen

The most popular layout in modern kitchen designs, the L-shape offers ample storage space and worktop area, with countertops along adjoining walls forming an L shape, the sink on one arm and the cooking hob on the other. It is suitable for medium sized homes and is easy to install. An additional island may be placed in the center to add function and a reason for members of the family to work and eat together.

4. Horseshoe Kitchen

The horseshoe or U-shaped kitchen has three walls of cabinetry and appliances with a spread-out worktop area allowing maximised flexibility. The layout offers wholesome storage, allowing more than one person to cook at a time and enough space for socializing and family bonding.

5. Peninsula Kitchen

A peninsula kitchen is basically, a connected island which can convert an L-shaped kitchen into a U-shaped one or a U-shaped kitchen into a G-shaped one. The extra leg here isn’t exactly an island due to insufficient space, but to add more fun along with function to your warm home.

Whichever layout you select, make sure you get the right quality and workmanship from a trusted brand, so that you may enjoy it for years to come. Go for your style of kitchen customised with your choice of textures, colours and finishes that blend well with the home decor, making you and your family treasure this invaluable part of your beautiful home.

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