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From the house of “Interwood” emerges a premium line of kitchens and wardrobes that succeed in tantalising human senses like none other. Manufactured in India, with a German recipe that has the best of European ingredients, the premium line is produced in a high precision, machine-controlled industrial environment and is crafted to perfection by the guided hands of an expert artisan. While being rooted to the virtues of unblemished quality and defined standards of style, Interwood Plus embraces the latest in Global trends. Accentuated with linear forms, this vivid line celebrates “functionalism” as its core design philosophy.

A liberal spread of exotic veneers, glistening lacquered surfaces and garnished plinths make the product line a designer’s delight and an owner’s pride.

Designed with a vision, seasoned by about three decades of spatial design expertise, the product range attains superior ergonomics and elevates itself to pamper the human touch and sight. Come, submerge yourself in opulence…Experience the Plus – the “INTERWOOD PLUS”. Walk in to your nearest Interwood boutique for an immersive retail experience. Our “in-store” stylists await your discerning audience to offer curated kitchen and wardrobe design solutions befitting your distinguished persona.


A product line of Premium Kitchens and Wardrobes from the “House of Interwood”, manufactured with “Danish Functionalism” as the heart of its product design, core and form.


less is more


Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Vitruvian Man”, an artistic philosophy that idolized and celebrated the human form as a perfection of symmetry, balance, functionality and proportion.

Functional considerations and an absence of decoration characterizes this style of functionalism.

At the heart of functionalism is the idea that designers should be guided by the purpose of the item being designed.

Excessive ornamentation was avoided. With the rise of functionalism, a new mode of expression became evident in products and buildings.

The Utopia here concerned an intention to have machine-age technology and science permeate every aspect of life, creating a basis for social change and improvement.

The objective of the international school of functionalism, given form by Bauhaus, the French modernists and architect Le Corbusier, amongst others, was to embody theindustrial age through architecture and product design.




  • Walk-in wardrobes that exemplify “form” over “function”
  • Futuristic design with superior ergonomics
  • Open-plan flexi options for the “Magnificent” and the “petite”
  • Possesses “anti–glare” luminosity
  • Seamless forms
  • Effortless organizer
  • Global décor
  • Optically soothing
  • Pampered tactile

Product Range


Interwood’s artistic ability shines through our range of state-of-the-art kitchens with a choice of contrasting designs and materials.

Lacquered Glass with Veneer Garnishes | Matt Lacquered surfaces Smart cubes | Superior Midway systems


Our practical selection of contemporary wardrobe designs in various styles blend perfectly with your beautiful bedroom furniture and decor.

Walk in closets | Uni profile Glass facias | Luxury Sliders

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