All You Need To Know About Semi Modular Kitchens in 2022

Semi Modular Kitchens

There are 3 ways in which a kitchen can be built. They are namely ‘carpenter-made kitchens, modular kitchens and semi modular kitchens. 

A carpenter made kitchen is where the whole kitchen is built by a carpenter on-site from scratch.

 The second is the modular kitchen. This is when the whole kitchen and design are all made in a factory and the finished product is then assembled on site.

 The third is the semi-modular kitchen. This type of kitchen is a mix of both carpenters and modular kitchens. This type of kitchen is built on-site in a pre-existing kitchen and certain elements which will be made in the factory will then be assembled in the kitchen.

what is Semi Modular Kitchen?

The semi modular kitchen is the midpoint of both carpenter-made and modular kitchens. It cannot change fixed elements such as layout, surfaces, counters, sink and stove, movable elements such as cabinets are factory made to fit into the existing layout.

Benefits of a semi modular kitchen

1) Budget friendly  

This form of the kitchen is comparatively very cheap. Since the structural elements are already built it brings down the price of completing the rest of the kitchen and it being factory-made also reduces the cost

2) Less materials consumed

Since it is mostly factory made there is less wastage of materials and the overall materials used for a semi modular kitchen are less, the cost and material requirement comes down too.

3) less space wasted

If you have a pre-existing kitchen with some space left over, you can easily fill it with any of the semi-modular kitchen designs which match the kitchen theme.

Disadvantages of a semi modular kitchen

1) Difficulty in personalising

Since the factory made elements need to fit into the existing kitchen layout, it makes it a difficult task to customise and personalise.

2) Less than perfect finishes

Sometimes the factory made elements will not perfectly fit into the existing kitchen and could leave room for uneven and rough finishes.

3) Lack of storage opportunities

Since the semi-modular kitchens work with what’s available, some storage opportunities you get with carpenter-made or modular kitchens are lost out in this type of kitchen.

New homes usually complete the structural layout for the kitchen and fill in counters and sinks. The rest of the kitchen elements will be complete with semi-modular kitchens. There are a few factors to consider before choosing your semi-modular kitchen.

You must consider the space and layout. The interiors will already be laid out and you must choose what type of kitchen will fit within the space available. It must also match the existing theme.

The budget also plays an important role in deciding on your semi-modular kitchen. The advantage is that it is comparatively cheaper to install a semi-modular kitchen and hence gives you more liberty to see all the options. Take a good look at all the designs before making the final choice.

The materials bought and used for making the kitchen should align with the existing theme of the kitchen and are suggested to be of the same colour pattern of the surfaces. Any change in this could make the kitchen look odd and unaesthetic.

You must also consider the number of kitchen appliances you have. Storage is a primary thought you must give before deciding on your semi-modular kitchen. You must choose a design which can accommodate all your storage requirements.


1)  semi-modular kitchen structure

Semi-modular kitchens are built on-site, only some elements such as cabinets and shutters are made in the factory and then the finished product will be brought to the site and assembled there. Each of these cabinets will share sides with the cabinet next to it.

2) site condition

A semi-modular kitchen is ideal if there are existing structures such as countertops and pillars. A semi-modular kitchen is perfect for filling up space in an existing kitchen.

3) Repair

A semi-modular kitchen has the added benefit of repairing it on site. Unlike its counterpart modular kitchen, it needn’t be dismantled and taken back to the factory for repair. Parts can be brought to the site and necessary replacements can be made.

4) customisation benefits

Semi-modular kitchens have a huge advantage of being customisable easily. You can change the height, width and breadth of the units as the unit size isn’t standardised. Since it can be customised easily, the whole kitchen area can be utilised to its maximum capacity.

5) kitchen quality

Semi-modular kitchens give homeowners a wide array of choices. Most vendors give choices of standard quality units and they also give you a choice of high quality, imported materials and better units to choose from.

6) Cost

The biggest advantage of a semi-modular kitchen is its cost-effectiveness. These kitchens are the most pocket-friendly option as fewer materials are used and it shares a common wall.

7) installation

The installation of a semi-modular kitchen is quicker than a carpenter-made kitchen but more time than modular kitchens. It would roughly take anywhere between 35-45 days to install and use. Installation is done completely on-site and if there’s any additional customisation, the installation will be extended accordingly.

8) counter-top

If you are moving into a new home or apartment and they already have a pre-installed countertop, it would be smart of you to choose semi-modular kitchens as you wouldn’t need to change the countertop and can save a lot of money. You also have a choice to remove the countertop and opt for a fully modular kitchen if it’s within your budget.

Every homemaker’s dream is to have the perfect kitchen, it must be spacious and should be able to store all your utensils. It must also fulfil its aesthetic purpose.

A semi-modular kitchen allows you to have your dream kitchen and not go overboard with the budget.

When you weigh the pros and cons of modular and semi-modular kitchens, you can effectively choose which you want to go for. You can always contact our experts to get a professional opinion on the matter.

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