corner wardrobe ideas for small bedroom

Do you look at ideal wardrobe images on the internet and dream of having one? We all do want to have a luxurious wardrobe for all bedrooms. With our modular homes, the space is always limited. We all desire to do so much in the little space available that it becomes important to plan well.

Just because you only have a small corner to install a wardrobe in your room, doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on design and functionality., Wardrobes are here to save the day!

If you are someone who likes to utilise every square inch of space available then these wardrobes are your dream. As the name suggests, wardrobes accommodate any corner or corner of the room. They are available in a variety of shapes and designs.

Wardrobes enable you to utilize those corners that would otherwise go to waste. They make use of unused space in your room to create storage. 

Look no further to get all the corner wardrobe ideas for small bedroom that you will require when planning your wardrobe.

Corner Almirah Design Benefits

Whenever we design our master bedroom or any other bedroom in the room, we pay a lot attention to the aesthetics of the room. However, we miss out on making use of those empty corners. As these corners occupy a little floor space they are easy to miss.

Nonetheless, if there is space available in your room we have an idea to use it. Corners Almirah Design can be customized to fit any corner of your room. They can be designed at different angles depending on the type of storage that you would need.

As a result of their space-saving and utilising characteristics, the Almirah design is a true boon. With negligible downfalls, these are a go to for corner wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms.

Corner Almirah Designs for Small Bedroom

Add Interwood we have come up with a number of corner almirah designs for small bedrooms to accommodate all sizes and design sensibilities. When you are designing a corner wardrobe you should keep two things in mind.

Firstly the corner wardrobe should snugly fit the corner that it is being designed for. Secondly, the design of the wardrobe should correspond with the use of that wardrobe. 

For example, if you are storing footwear in that particular corner section of the wardrobe then shelves and racks should be designed to fit the maximum number of footwear possible while making them look organised and beautiful.

You can enhance your corner wardrobe with built-in lights to emphasise a particular section of the wardrobe. This also helps in eliminating any dark corners so that you can access your things easily. 

Corner Wardrobe Designs For Bedroom You Will Love


Perfect for a small room, this beautiful hinged door wardrobe in yellow shade will bring Life to any room. If you are someone who is tired of seeing the same colour from designs and want to add a splash of colour to your bedroom look no further.

The yellow coloured, the wardrobe is going to add some much-needed light and life to your room without making it too much. Since the size of the wardrobe is small you can afford to add a splash of any bright colour. In combination with white walls, this wardrobe is sure to make a statement.

We have designed it with beautiful overhead storage to accommodate extra storage space. Occupying minimal space while providing you with adequate storage and a beautiful aesthetic to your room, this wardrobe design is a steal.


L-shaped wardrobes have been known to make the best use of corner spaces available in any room. With an L-shaped wardrobe, the possibilities of designing the corner storage are endless. 

You can design the spaces as two separate perpendicular spaces or as one V-shaped space depending on the storage that you require. If you want to make use of Akola space in your room and shape wardrobe is the way to go.

This beautiful Interwood corner wardrobe design for bedroom in rich food and finish is your luxury.

Beautiful slim black door handles add a great industrial vibe to this wardrobe. Has been designed in such a way that it can fit around any columns and beams in your bedroom.

Though made for a smaller space, we do not compromise on the luxurious feel that your room deserves. You can choose from a number of wooden finishes in Sheets to perfectly complement your interiors.


If you are dealing with very limited space in your bedroom just enough to fit a bed, you are probably wondering where you can accommodate storage in the bedroom. We have got you covered.

Take a look at this overhead wardrobe solution. Aesthetically built over the bed, this wardrobe design makes use of vertical space and those topmost corners in your room to get you the additional storage you deserve. They do not require any floor space and are perfect for very small bedrooms.

Match them to the finish of your headboard to create a uniform flow. We have provided these wardrobes with spotlights that add mood lighting to your room as well as serve as reading lights.

This is a great way to make use of overhead storage in a bedroom. It can be used to store anything from Clothes two books and any other belongings. Team it up with a side mirror and your dressing-up spaces are all set.


Sliding wardrobes are a great choice for corner wardrobes. If you are considering corner wardrobe designs for bedrooms, sliding wardrobes are your best friend. 

They fit seamlessly in any corner without taking up much floor space. Here we have incorporated this corner sliding wardrobe next to a window.

The main advantage of sliding wardrobes is that the doors glide along the length of the word shop. Hence when you access your wardrobe the doors do not take up any additional space in the bedroom.

Moreover, sliding corner wardrobes make the room feel larger and area due to their slim and clean look. They can be customized to any number and size of shelves and hanging solutions to make I didn’t use the space available.

We have added this exciting feature to a sliding wardrobe where you can display your valuable belongings. This slim shoe rack on the side of the wardrobe acts as open storage for quick pick-up and-go items and a great showcasing space for those luxury handbags and watches.


Limited space should never limit the scope of your room. We all want that special element in our room that makes it unique.

Look no further! This beautiful corner wardrobe assembly has been designed with built-in window seating. It has been designed in such a way that it allows you to enjoy the natural light and breeze flowing in from the windows while still utilising all the space on either side of the window as well as below it.

The space below the window is converted into a seating cum storage unit. Make use of this space as footwear storage space or a secret snack cupboard. Include this design in your bedroom to make it truly unique.

We Understand

We understand the importance of space. We understand the importance of customisation. We understand the importance of proper organising. And we understand the importance of your home.

Get in touch with us at Interwood to discuss the perfect corner wardrobe ideas for small bedroom no matter the space and size. We take care of all your storage requirements. We try to understand the specific storage needs of you and your family to effectively incorporate them into our designs.

At Interwood we strive to maintain opulence with high-end designs and the best quality material. We have the right wardrobe for home.

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