all you need to know about sliding wardrobes

Learn all you need to know about sliding wardrobes and incorporating them into your bedroom. Your room deserves a wardrobe that gives you optimum storage and the right aesthetic for your home. 

How Does A Sliding Wardrobe Work?

Like any wardrobe, a sliding wardrobe is a storage solution which has multiple shells, drawers and hanging rods. So how does a sliding wardrobe work differently than other wardrobes?

This wardrobe has doors that move from side to side horizontally. They are fixed on panels that are placed on the top and bottom of the wardrobe. Sliding doors make perfect use of vertical space.

which material is best for a sliding wardrobe?

Sliding wardrobes offer you a number of finishes and materials to choose from. Finalising the interior design style for a room will let you know which material is the best for your sliding wardrobe.

Trending Sliding Wardrobe Designs

Glossy Finish doors add luxury & class to your interiors. You can choose sliding doors with a glossy finish in a number of colours that compliment the colour scheme of your room. Glossy finishes reflect the light and jazz of the interiors of any room. 

Give Glass a chance to add a really high end style aesthetic to your room. However, glass is not for the masses as it requires your wardrobe to be super organised. You can choose from slightly OPEC to complete light locking class finishes.

Matt finishes a perfect four people who enjoy a classy industrial vibe. Matte finish sliding doors can be seamlessly Inc in modern minimalistic interiors.

Wood should be your ideal choice for a mid century modern vibe. They pair perfectly with other wooden features in your room. Pair them with hardwood flooring for a timeless regal look.

If you want to know how a sliding wardrobe works better for your bedroom, have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of sliding wardrobes.

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Space Saving 

The doors of a sliding wardrobe slide along the length of the wardrobe to give you access inside. As a result, the doors do not occupy any additional space outside the wardrobe. This acts as a great space saving opportunity in smaller rooms.

Custom Design

Sliding wardrobe finishes are available in a variety of materials. Trending sliding wardrobe designs range all the way from wooden finishes to glass and mirror designs. You can easily choose which material is best suited for your room design for your sliding wardrobe.

Great Use of Space

Sliding doors can be installed through multiple wardrobes placed side-by-side. This enables you to have wall to wall wardrobes without having to worry about the number of doors and door hinges. Floor to ceiling sliding wardrobes provide optimum space usage.

Classy Look

Sliding wardrobes give you a minimalistic seamless finish to any room. Trending sliding wardrobe designs enable you to add luxury and class to your interiors. With a variety of materials which are the best suited for your wardrobe, you can get amazing looks. The use of materials such as glass and mirrors gives you the illusion of a bigger room.

A glance at premium sliding wardrobes.


Sliding wardrobe is a good choice not only for your bedrooms but also for other spaces in your house.

Sliding wardrobes can be used to conceal any storage spaces such as bookshelves in your library, dressing and make-up station, or even a TV unit. 

Custom Storage

with sliding wardrobes, you can customize the storage solution according to your needs. The height and size of shells and rows can be designed according to personal preference. You can decide on the number of hanging rods and their length.

Easy Operation

Sliding doors are super easy to open and close. A slight push and light pull are all you require to operate your wardrobe. Ease of operation allows you to maintain and organise and clean space.

Multiple Applications

Sliding wardrobes can be installed as a standalone wardrobe in any room. However, they are highly functional and can be made a part of a various number of wardrobe designs.

As a result of the unique door movement from side to side, they can be incorporated into an L shaped wardrobe. This enables you to use the corners of your room for additional storage.

Sliding wardrobes can also be made a part of a walk-in wardrobe. Sliding doors can be used to conceal those parts of a walk-in wardrobe which are used to store clutter.

Before you finalise a style of wardrobe you must take a look at some disadvantages that come with them.


With the versatile nature and countless benefits of a sliding wardrobe, the disadvantages are few.

Partial View

While operating a sliding wardrobe half of the word truth is always covered. As a result, you cannot get a full view of the wardrobe while operating it. However, because of the ease of opening and closing the doors, this is rarely an issue for the users.


Are Sliding Wardrobes Cheaper?  Sliding wardrobes tend to cost more than a traditional hinged door wardrobe. Sliding doors are not a cheaper storage solution. For those working on a tight budget, it can be slightly difficult to accommodate a sliding wardrobe in their design. However, depending on the type of finishes chosen, the costs will vary.

Delicate Handling

Manhandling those or use of unnecessary force may result in the doors getting derailed. Rough use may lead to the doors sliding off the brackets or the brackets getting damaged. A sliding wardrobe should be carefully used. The ease of operation makes this easy for the users as no force is required to open and close the doors.

Maintaining Finishes

Depending on the type of finishes that you choose for your sliding wardrobe, proper cleaning and maintenance have to be done. For example, mirror finishes should be kept clean from stains and fingerprints.

Most of these drawbacks can be overcome by adopting easy cleaning practices for your wardrobe. Like any other fixture of your home, wardrobes require timely maintenance. 

Sliding door wardrobe cleaning tips for you

> Always keep the door channels free of dust & other residues.

> Use a soft brush nozzle attachment in your vacuum cleaner and run it over the channels to get rid of dust which is hard to reach by hand.

> Use a silicone spray or a lubricant of your choice on the channels once a year to maintain a smooth glide on your doors.

> For wooden doors or doors with a glossy finish simply use a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth to get rid of any dust that settles on the door.

> For glass doors you can use a number of glass cleaning products available in the market. A simple yet effective home remedy of equal parts of distilled vinegar and tap water can be sprayed in cloth & used to wipe off prints on glass.

> For mirror finishes make sure to use a microfiber cloth for best results.

Is Sliding Wardrobe a Good?

Sliding wardrobes are one of the best inventions in modular wardrobes in recent times. They add the perfect balance of effective storage and classy interiors to your space. A sliding wardrobe is a good investment to add ease to your life and class to your home.

At Interwood, we offer you a variety of trending designs and finishes. Our designs equally emphasize functionality and look. We help you discover your design preferences and let your interiors reflect your style.

The perfect wardrobe is now just a call away. Book a free consultation call at Interwood to know all you need to select the right type of sliding wardrobe for your home.

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