Best Modular Wardrobe Design For Your Bedroom | Ultimate Guide 2022

Best Modular Wardrobe Design For Your Bedroom

Wardrobes are a very important aspect of any bedroom. Modular almirah design for bedroom has dual functionality. They provide a space for safe storage for belongings and add to the aesthetics of the room.

Modular wardrobes have become very popular in recent times as they perform both functions well. As the name suggests, a modular wardrobe is designed according to your needs and keeping your aesthetic style in mind.

To be able to select the right type of modular wardrobe for your bedroom, you need to take a few things into account. You must identify your needs to be able to select the best modular wardrobe design for the bedroom.

  1. The size of the bed bedroom and space allotted for wardrobe.
  2. Type of storage requirement in a bedroom.
  3. Quantity of storage requirement in a bedroom
  4. Design style for interiors of different rooms.

Keeping these points in mind, the following Best Modular Wardrobe Design For Your Bedroom are available in the market. 

Best Modular Wardrobe Design For Your Bedroom


These are one of the most popular wardrobe styles for modular wardrobes. The doors of these wardrobes glide along the metal strips on the top and bottom sides of the wardrobe, saving a lot of space while operating your modular wardrobe.

They have a very clean and minimalist modern design style and fit seamlessly in any room. The optimisation of space from these wardrobes makes them the perfect choice for modular wardrobe design for small bedrooms. Owing to their sliding doors, modular sliding wardrobes are used in large bedrooms where multiple wardrobes are placed wall to wall.

The sliding doors are available in various finishes ranging from wood to glass. Wooden finishes are a popular choice as they add opulence to the interiors of a room. Darker wooden finishes or a great choice for a regal and moody vibe. Light wooden finishes add a minimalist Scandinavian feel while still keeping the room looking timeless.

Glass sliding doors are extensively used in modern houses. The blends seamlessly into the room’s interiors, making the room look bigger and brighter.

From a storage point of you, Sliding wardrobes can house a number of storage solutions ranging from multiple shells and drawers in various sizes, to multiple personalised hanging rails and shoe storage. This is an all in one modular almirah wardrobe design for the bedroom.

The only drawback of this wardrobe is that one side of the wardrobe is always covered, limiting the full view of the wardrobe.

In a gist, sliding wardrobes provide optimum utilisation of space & provide high-end design quality making them a great choice of modular wardrobe design for your master bedroom.


This one is a simple yet classic modular wardrobe design. The doors of these wardrobes are attached using hinges on either side of the wardrobe. The doors swing outward at 90° giving you a full view of the wardrobe.

Hinge door wardrobes of one of the oldest designs in wardrobes. They range from a single wardrobe to multiple doors set up according to the storage need of the room. Housing various shells and drawers the width of these wardrobes can range from relatively sleek to deep wardrobes depending on the space available in the room.

Hinge door wardrobe comes in different colours and finishes. You can choose the ideal door to suit the interiors of any room. The doors of these wardrobes are easy to install and can be installed at various angles allowing you to utilize every corner of the room. With this type of modular wardrobe design for small rooms, the outward swinging doors may restrict space if installed near the bed or door.

These wardrobes are inexpensive as compared to sliding door wardrobes. Hence they are considered a popular modular wardrobe design for the master bedrooms. Their affordable prices along with ease of installation make them the best choice for people who shift houses often or redecorate their spaces at regular intervals.


Wardrobe dreams come to reality with a walk-in wardrobe. These are generally chosen for big houses with large floor plans where an entire additional room can be dedicated to a wardrobe. These are placed right next to the bedroom from where they can be accessed.

Generally, all three sides of this room are used to create storage spaces. These include multiple shelves, hanging solutions and draws customised according to personal requirements.

Modular walk-in wardrobes are the best choice for people who love clothes and fashion and collect various luxury items such as accessories, shoes and watches. Walk-in wardrobes provide a dedicated space for all personal belongings allowing them to be displayed beautifully.

Ambient lighting is frequently used in walk-in wardrobes to highlight certain areas or products. This gives you a boutique feel in the comfort of your own home.

If you have the luxury of space and budget, walk-in wardrobes are the ideal style statement that provides not only opulence but also the perfect storage system for all your belongings. With walk-in wardrobes getting dressed is bound to become a fun and hassle-free activity. This modular wardrobe design for a master bedroom adds luxury.


This wardrobe derives its name from its strategic placement in a room in an L shape. These wardrobes use multiple walls in a room and the L shaped corners between the walls to optimise space.

These wardrobes make use of the corner spaces in a room which often get wasted. L-shaped wardrobes have to be planned strategically so that they do not interfere with the other furniture in the room.

These wardrobes are generally installed with sliding doors or as exposed wardrobes (without doors) Owing to its complex multi-wall design, the use of materials can be limited.

L shaped wardrobes can be built from wall to wall and floor to ceiling as a standalone wardrobe or can be installed as a part of a walk-in wardrobe. This makes them a great option for modular wardrobe design for the master bedroom. If you Are someone looking to maximise space in your room and have a bigger storage requirement these types of wardrobes are a good choice.

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The right type of wardrobe provides you with both functionality and design. At interword, we help you make an informed decision. After a thorough inspection of your space and considering your storage requirements we suggest the right wardrobe solutions. 

At interwood we emphasize the right style of product for your room. We help you enhance the interior quality of your home with the best designs and finishes for your wardrobe.

Wardrobes have the power to influence your day to day life by keeping your room organised and feeling happy. Book a free consultation call to walk through the most effective storage strategy for your wardrobe. 

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