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Best Colour Combination For Modular Kitchen

View sight as one of our primary senses to get a feel of any product. Colour is one of the dominating sectors when it comes to visual effects. Modular kitchen colour combination will have a great impact on the final look of your kitchen.

When you are selecting a kitchen for your home, the first thing that catches your eye is the colour of the product displayed in front of you. It is very important for a colour scheme to reflect your personal style. The best color combination for modular kitchen will make it look unique and personalised.

Modular Kitchen Best Colour Combination Importance

It is true that colour brings a lot of visual appeal to your kitchen. But it serves more purposes than that. For a modular kitchen best colour combination will depend on various factors.

Colour combination is selected on the basis of the size of a kitchen as colours can make a space seal larger or smaller. It will also depend on the type of usage and other factors such as the positioning of the room, natural light and so on.

Types Of Colour Combinations In Modular Kitchen 


Monochrome refers to the use of one colour throughout the kitchen. Chromatic kitchen all the finishes for the cupboards and drawers I made using a single colour. Monochromatic kitchens generally showcase a matching backsplash on the walls.

A modern take on monochromatic kitchens is to use different use of the same colour, for example, different shades of grey. You can choose from a variety of matching or complementary hardware.

Dual Colour Scheme

As the name suggests, these kitchens are made in a combination of two complementing or contrasting colours. The combination of two colours makes the colour scheme interesting to the eye.

The colour contrast can be used to highlight a particular section in the kitchen. Dual colours were great to break the monotony of space.

In this colour scheme, you will often find a base colour being used in the majority of the kitchen with contrasting overhead shelves. Alternatively, a vertical unit in a contrasting colour can be added to your kitchen design.

Three-Toned Kitchen Designs

The street on kitchen designs is slowly making its way into homes. If you are someone who likes quirky designs and colourful interiors in your home, three-tone kitchen designs will be the best color combination for modular kitchen.

You’ll see a lot of whites and neutrals used as the base colour in these designs. Contrasting colours are used in kitchen islands, through bank splashes or overhead cabinetry.

Modular Kitchen Colour Selection

A colour or colour scheme speaks differently to different individuals. While there might be some who love a pristine white kitchen, others may find it too basic for their taste. However, modular kitchen colour selection depends on certain structural and design factors. Let us simplify this for you.


In most modern homes the carpet area is limited. Thus kitchens are small and compact spaces. If you have a smaller kitchen, it is very important to select the right colour scheme to make your kitchen look bigger and airy.

Stick to an automatic colour scheme. The continuity of one colour throughout the kitchen gives the illusion of a longer space.

Choose light and neutral colours such as beaches and white. Lighter colour automatically makes a space feel bigger. A great way to make your compact kitchen feel bigger is to use reflective glossy finishes. A reflection of light tends to make a space look twice as big.

Pastels are your friend in a smaller space. Pastels are an upcoming design trend in modular kitchens in 2022. Choose from lighter shades of green or blue with white undertones for your kitchen cabinetry. 


If you have a joint family and you live in a modern Indian home you have probably opted for a medium-sized kitchen. A medium-size kitchen works perfectly for a family of 4 to 6 people. And it ensures the smooth day to day kitchen operations that serve different needs of different people.

If you like colour, medium sized kitchens are the best place to showcase your quirky style. Incorporate contrasting colour combinations in your design to make your space feel lively and personalised.

Use of one lighter tone as your base colour and experimenting with a brighter contrasting colour will serve two purposes. The lighter colour gives you the illusion of a bigger kitchen which we all want. The second colour of your choice will bring in warmth and life to your kitchen.


If you have the kitchen of your dreams with ample flow space and tall ceilings you can get innovative with the colour scheme that you choose. Big kitchens, though they may be spacious can look a bit sparse and thinly distributed.

Go for darker colours to make your big kitchens look warm and full. Use of colours like black midnight blues and bottle greens in your kitchen will give you a moody and eclectic vibe.

Darker colour cabinetry adds a sense of grandeur to a room.

You can choose countertops in shades like chocolate & deep greys. With the correct lighting, a kitchen showcasing a dark colour palette can be the centrepiece of your home. 

A large kitchen is a perfect canvas to use Matt finishes. Opt for natural finishes like limestone and wood to create unique looks.


On the basis of where your kitchen is placed in the house and the placement of windows and doors in the kitchen, natural light will enter the kitchen. Generally, if windows are placed in the east or northeast direction, your kitchen will have ample light for the most part of the day.

If you have access to natural light in your kitchen, you can use dark shades like Royal blue in your kitchen. Royal blue kitchens are picking up pace recently. 

You can use a combination of light and dark colours in your kitchen. As a natural light hits your dark cabinetry, it will highlight your kitchen making it look bright.

Your kitchen does not have access to a lot of natural light? Do not worry, we got you covered. Use lighter colours with natural tones to make your kitchen bright. The use of pastel shades can bring Life to a kitchen. Go for bright shades and glossy finishes. 


Take a look at some of our trending kitchens 

Shades of Beige

Take a look at this beautiful kitchen made using different hues of beige. The kitchen cabinets use a dominant glossy beige colour throughout the kitchen. This is offset with darker shades of badges and browns on the counter tops and overhead storage. The backsplash features a beautiful texture in a dark beige wood finish.

If you or someone who likes a royal yet neutral look this is the perfect kitchen for you.

Royal Blue and White

Who wouldn’t like to feature royal blue in their home? Royal blue kitchens are trending in 2022. Look at this kitchen with the perfect shade of royal blue beautifully contrasting it with white. It gives you a royal Victorian seal with the intricate design of tiles used on the walls. 

It is a three don’t kitchen, where grey is used strategically to tie the white and blue together.

Dual Toned White And Rose Gold

If you are someone who ones are unique kitchen this is the right design for you. This is our interpretation of a traditional white kitchen. It is showcased in a dual-tone with a beautiful rose gold kitchen island in a metallic finish.

This is an ideal design for a small to medium kitchen. The light shades and reflective finishes are sure to make your kitchen look big and airy.

The show-stopping kitchen island will act as the centrepiece of your home.

Grey Monochrome

Like the monochromatic trend in modular kitchens?

Take a look at this monochromatic kitchen made in space grey. All the cabinets are made in one shade of grey in a subtle matte finish. We have added a complimenting count to the top in a slightly darker shade of grey to highlight your work area.

The matching backsplash gives a beautiful continuity to this kitchen. Take a look at the amazing hanging shelves that start from the ceiling. The hanging shelves along with the placement of the chimney above the kitchen island give your kitchen a modern industrial vibe and are sure to make a statement.

We Are Here To Help

If you are struggling with your modular kitchen colour selection, give us a call right away. Add in the word we have a unique variety of modular kitchen colour combinations for every home. Book your consultation today and plan a colour combination that best suits your home and your personality and gives you the Modular kitchen of your dreams.

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